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I could not agree more!!!!!! This is EXACTLY what has been happening to us and our friends, even though our fathers went there before us. We are completely done with this dump and Chris

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Avoid this stink-hole excuse-for-a-Bar at all costs! Jupes used to be a great, friendly, all-locals-welcome sort of neighborhood bar, back when the owner Steve ran the place. But once he turned operations over to his son Chris, the childish petty drama, lousy service, bad attitudes, and "sexual favoritism" became common-place at this DIVE /DUMP of a pit. One former patron described Jupe's as a dirty-little-Strip-Mall-Peyton-Place where the less-than-attractive people go to wallow. Many of my friends and even family were loyal patrons of Jupe's Bar for many years because our homes are in the immediate neighborhood. In February 2011, we discovered the owner's son Chris was tapping more than just beer kegs...he was actually tapping 1 or 2 of the "regular" female patrons (even though he was married with kids). No class and no wonder these regular patrons are known to all as "favorite" customers with special status and special late-night after-hours rules applied to just the chosen few on Chris's preferred-customer list. I.E., if you're female and you "put out" this is where you will be welcomed at Jupe's.
If you go here, aside from the puking drunks, you can also look forward to old, smelly, torn upholstery, filthy worn-out carpet, blown jukebox speakers, only 2 crappy, un-level bar-box pool tables with worn bumpers & warped cues, the ever-present stench of backed-up bar drains and 2 small, dirty restrooms...not to mention cockroaches the size of Volkswagons cruising the kitchen & dark corners. (Can anyone say "Health Department", please?) Don't eat the food here unless you see it unwrapped & cooked with your own eyes! The "smoking patio" consists of filthy, broken chairs you're afraid to sit in, and a couple of stinking 5-gallon paint buckets with water & tobacco-stained water inside out on the sidewalk. The only bright spot of this dirty little Drama Club was the awesome server Carrie, always with a kind word and warm smile for all who entered. Steve should have put her in charge, and would have been smarter for it. Instead, you'll have to deal with the little pencil-dick son who couldn't get a real job on his own and had to ruin Daddy's bar. My experienced RECOMMENDATION to everyone looking for a place to spend your hard-earned beer money and valuable social time....go elsewhere! AVOID this outdated Loser-fest filthy dump like the plague!
PROS:In the Dobson Ranch area.
CONS:See all reasons above why you should AVOID going to Jupe's Bar.

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