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M-F: 05:00 PM to 02:00 AM
Sat-Sun: 05:00 PM to 03:00 AM
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DO NOT reserve a table at Howl at the Moon! I entered into a contract and paid for reservations for 3 tables at Howl at the Moon for my birthday earlier this year. Periodically throughout the night one of my tables would be empty (people out smoking or gathered around the other 2 tables) and a group of women repeatedly took over the table. I explained to them that I paid over $100 to reserve that table for the night but they refused to move so we alerted our server who called the bouncer. It took a while for the bouncer to actually get them to move. This happened numerous time and after a couple of times of calling the bouncer over to kick them off the table we talked to the manager on duty. He said there was nothing he could do (how about telling them if they do it one more time that they would have to leave?) and to call the person I signed the reservation contract with to discuss a refund for that table since we could not sit at it for half the night. Well, to make a long story short I got the run around. I had a lawyer send corporate a letter regarding their breach of contract (not honoring the reservation of all 3 tables that I paid for) and they immediately responded with a refund.

The one star is for the server. She was very efficient and responsive.

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We went to Howl at the Moon after dinner and drinks around the block at Mercadito and we were pleasantly surprised by this piano bar. There was a $5 cover and there were dueling pianos playing a lot of popular songs (mostly rock) and getting the crowd really involved. People were singing, dancing, and basically just partying their asses off which was great to see. It was really easy to get drinks at one of the bars and the bartenders were friendly. If you like piano bars or just want to do something fun on your trek out on the town, I would definately recommend Howl at the Moon.
PROS:Fun entertainment.

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