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Never been but I heard BLACKS r not welcome at all that's a shame still in 2013 but u will always find that one white person say I love BLACK PPL😒

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The crowd was thick..lots of white females. The music was good. The lady at the door named Brandy is a total loser. She stays too snorted off cocaine or high off crack to be the one taking care of the door. She is a poor host. She's prejudice and racist. She ask all black people only for memberships and ID and rejected a majority of those trying to come show love to the establishment and spend money. She said it wasnt worth the trouble but while standing there almost 2 hours to get in I witnessed 2 fights and not one black person was involved in altercation. Two white girls suggested that we not go in the club because they got cut with a knife in the melee. I knew 5 separate parties with membership and still was rejected entry. They pleaded with her that we were good peoples but it wasn't any help. Her husband (the owner) couldn't even vouch for us. I will never attempt to go there again. Buy and bring a membership or buy and bring some coke or crack for Brandy and u might be good!! RNS
PROS:Crowd, music
CONS:Host Brandy..she's terrible

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