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Nice little bar in walking distance. Wish they would get kareoke contests. They don't have liquor license only beer. Not a great selection. Ok to walk to.
PROS:In walking distance, nice hello shots,
CONS:Need food menu, liquor license, more beer selections,needslots more events

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BEER and WINE Only (No Liquor).

This little "Hole in the Wall" seems to be a favorite of walking distance locals for the fact that it is ion a neighborhood.

There is no kitchen, so if you get hungry, they only have a small selection of packaged smacks to choose from.

They only have a Beer and Wine License, which would be fine, if it were not for the fact that their Beer and Wine selection is pitifully small and appears to be limited to what one would normally find at a chain grocery or convenience store.

If you are lookin' for romance, keep moving!. This is a real homebody crowd
PROS:Nice local and relaxed atmosphere. Moderate prices. Ample parking parking
CONS:No Liquor and a Limited Beer and Wine List at that.

The nice and ample street parking comes with the Ticket and Sobriety Test Crazy services of L.A. County's Finest. BE CAREFUL and Do Not Drive Drunk through Lomita!

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