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This is a Great place to stop and have a couple drinks and unwind a little.
They have the Horse Races, Football, Pool Tables, Darts and a lot of really regular people from all walks of life that are friendly.
Free Pool on sundays.
I've been frequenting this Bar for 15 Years and have never had a negative experience.
Just a cool place to chill.

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This is a great low key bar the reviews below are from ex employes that got caught
doing drugs and or stealing from the bar. This is a fun place to play pool they have karaoke, darts you can watch the races and sports. Most the people that go to the FinIsh Line are great people. And yes if you cause problems they will 86 you like any other bar. I would recommend this bar. And to the one below that said not even if they put a gun to his head make sure they pull the trigger.... And to the CUNT that wrote about the shabby people you should talk. You were thrown out and told not to come back and what a great place it is without you.
PROS:Grear people

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non impressed at all'
low life people
CONS:old dirty

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...Not impressed..
With so many other "Customer Friendly" places to unwind...Who Needs IT?
PROS:..With a Gun to my head..I can NOT think of ONE..
CONS:The owner/bartender gives off such an ANGRY VICIOUS Vibe..
..I can not imagine why anyone would pay their hard earned money to drink in this place..all the while watching this woman hang a Bitter, Angry, Puss to the floor. She obviously hates her work..and people in general.
..If she was selling the last glass of water on earth..and the world was flooded with piss..I would rather die of thirst, than step one foot in this place!

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