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M-F: 11:00 AM to 02:00 AM
Sat-Sun: 11:00 AM to 02:00 AM
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Oh how I agree with the previous post. I had no idea this place changed owners until it was too late. I saw the menu, would have felt terrible for leaving so we gave it a shot.
I really wanted a buffalo chicken salad (RIP Stanley's awesome menu) and ended up with some sort of bacon fat and 3 tiny tomatoes and some funky lettuce. It was horrible.
If this place has any hope of staying alive they had better re-invent themselves and their menu and quick! Union Park will get all the business and they will drown.
I used to see TONS of people out there and Saturday afternoon, it was a ghose town. Not to mention the service was not even in the same category.
The waitress told us it was the same cook, so he had better come up with a better menu than what is currently available. Who doesn't offer any sort of Chicken salads? Shape up Ethels or you won't last.
PROS:Outdoor seating
CONS:Menu is not good now. Service is poor. Needs better drink specials.

I agree with this review. 

R.I.P. Stanley's - Ethyl (aka. @$&^% #*&^%) killed you!

I don't know where to start. I want to cry.
The mixed drinks are now smaller and cost twice as much. (Not very "Dive" like). You ran out of Bacardi Rum before I got to order my first drink. (What kind of bar runs out of Bacardi L&D) It was replaced it with bottom shelf spiced rum that I wouldn't use to degrease my tools with.
My meal was below average at an overpriced price.

Gone is the kitchy Route 66 Theme bar and restaurant. Replaced with generic cleaned up corporate template and much higher prices.
Gone are the pretty waitresses in tee-shirt's - replace with a guy in a red polo.
Gone are the all you can eat peanuts and throw them on floor.

Gone is the Chips and Dip. Gone is the Turkey Ruben. Gone is Route 66 Burger. Gone is the open MIC night. Gone are the Flat Screen TV's. Gone is the Route 66 Sign. Gone are the high ceilings and original stained glass windows (replaced with arches and soffits).

It's no longer a fun bar, it just went corporate. Heck, the cops no longer eat there.

$%#%# #%$@% - I hate you for sucking the soul out of a real Dive Bar and replacing it with this pathetic substitute. Just change the name to Bennigans or Chile's and get it over with.

PS - Just because you put the word "Dive" in the name doesn't make it a real dive bar. You have to offer some type of value (ie. Quality food at lower than average cost)to be a dive bar. I demand you (*&%$# *&^%) take the word "Dive" out the name, you trader!

I agree with this review. 4 other(s) agreed with this review.
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Bar Information

Credit Cards Accepted

Smoking: No
Menu: Full Menu
Food Service: Lunch Dinner
Table Seating
Group Seating
Parking Lot
Public Transportation
Free Street Parking
Price Range: Cheap

Wine List
Beer Aficionado


Dress Code:casual

Beers On Tap:10 craft beers

Wine List:30 by the glass
Dive Bar
Wine Bar
Beer Bar

Big Screen TVs
5 tv(s)
1 pooltable(s)
Shuffle board
Happy Hour
Video Games

Special Drinks:40 Beers by the can

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