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I'm a regular at Elvie's and those reviews about the prices are inaccurate. They did raise the price on some wine, but they still offer glasses of wine for $3. And beer just went up a little, still much cheaper than the other joints in the area. As for the hard liquor, they may have raised prices on some drinks but its still a heavier our than any other bar around. Still cheap, still damn good drinks & service. As for your claim that they've lost regulars, I'm not sure who you're talking about because all my people are still at the bar with me.

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Your timing sucks you greedy owners. Don't you know when you had a good thing going? Evidently no. We middle class customers will be taking our business elseware! Good luck with this. The only ones who will suffer are the people behind the bar. God Bless Debra and Chrissie!

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Owner just raised prices. Very unreasonable! $3.00 for a glass of wine is now $4.00????? Give me a break you profit baron. I can stay home and drink wine and have 4 glasses for every one of yours. We are the working class that has been supporting your bar for years. Shame on you!

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