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I wasn't impressed with the food .
Service was poor , atmosphere could be better.
PROS:On the way to LBI
CONS:Website left high expectations

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It was OK. Salad was mediocre and surprised me with can berries. I don't like cranberries.
PROS:Comfortable seating and atmosphere.
CONS:Overpriced and food is decent. I don't recommend going to this restaurant unless you want to be disappointed with food anyone can make at their home.

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A great addition to Manahawkin. Great food!

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Parked in the handicapped area, got the disabled, elderly person out of the car, walked up to the ramp to see that it was closed! We had to walk all the way around the building and up steep stairs to get in. She could not get around to the other side to that ramp because it was just too far! We should have gone home! Why would you close a ramp to get in to your restaurant????? I'll never go there again. The food was mediocre, servers not good and it's just too expensive for what you get. Too bad they don't seem to know what they are doing.

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Love it here! A feel good all around in my book:)
PROS:Lee the bartender is the best!!!

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I went here for New Years Eve. I have one comment
TERRIBLE! The menu was ok but they ran out of Prime Ribe at 8:00 o'clock. The food was dry and not very good. Prices high, I don't worry about price if the food is good! Waitress service was poor with bad attitude. That is a no no!
The place is beautiful but what good is that if everything else is bad. This is my second time and my last. Sorry Good Luck hope you make it!!

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went for dinner at 4PM to check out this new restaurant,the wait was too long,the noise from the bar was quite noticeable in the dinner area,the prime rib (no bone)needs a lot of improvement,no bread with the dinner,the waiter semed confused,and not experienced,,but the prices were that of a 1st class restaurant,which in my opinion,this was not.

J.P.Ship Bottom N.J.

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DEN OF THIEVES! Tried Elements for first time on New Years Day. Attempted to pay with $50 gift card. Waitress informed me that she could not accept card AFTER she had swiped it. Problem is that once a gift card is swiped it is used. I still had to cover bill using my credit card. Not sure if waitress pocketed my $50 or not but I am minus $50 card. I will never set foot in this den of thieves again and strongly suggest that all others avoid these crooks as well. By the way food not good and overpriced.

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Restaurant decor is very modern and huge improvement from previous restaurant. While waiting for a table we sat at the bar and had attentive bartenders with great service. The drinks were well made. Dinner in the main dining was not so good. The sushi although prepared by Japanese chefs was not the traditional sushi you would get down the road at a competing sushi restaurant. It was tasteless and Americanized. The menu was shallow. My husband ordered a crab pot pie that was very rich but needed a lot of salt for taste. I ordered Chicken Shannon which was grilled chicken with lump crab meat. That too, was not very tasty. I ate one of the two chicken breasts and had a whole piece and full baked potato to wrap up. When the server left to wrap it up, she returned 5 min later apologizing that someone had "tossed it"... We were not offered a replacement or free desert. We were given the check quickly before we had a chance to order desert... When we got our desert we were quickly handed the check again. Probably looking to turn the table quick as possible as there was a wait. $87 later I feel that money was not well spent and upset the server didn't make me a new chicken dish on principle to take home even though I didn't like it. I would never eat dinner there again, but I would consider meeting someone for drinks only.
PROS:Nice bar with tasty drinks and attentive bartenders. That's it!
CONS:Hostess with short black hair was snippy and it showed how frustrated she was handling a wait. Felt uncomfortable when we tried to out our name in for a wait. Only saving grace was a very tall hostess that apologized and was very warm. Food was not tasty and when they tossed more than half my meal that was to be wrapped up, we got nothing in return, just an "I'm sorry"... Weird - offered more bread from the two pieces she gave us and we didn't get any more, my husband ordered lobster mashed potatoes that never came. We aren't even sure if we paid for them because we were rushed out.

Parking lot is very tight and crammed...

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Have gone to this bar/restaurant on 3 separate occasions for just drinks and appetizers. The service is slow, the food was inconsistent each time, and the staff is not friendly. I don't think this place will last long just like all the others before it.
PROS:Nothing really
CONS:Rude staff with slow service and so so food.

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