Sex: m
Hometown:  San Francisco
DOB:  3/21/1957
Height:  6'4"   Weight:  220
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Bartender and co-owner Freddy's Bar. MFA in Painting from S.F. Art Institute. Video appropriation Artist. NY Metro Mix: 10 Best Bartenders in NYC "Donald O'Finn at Freddy's" NYC Gothamist: Best Five Barkeeps In NYC "Donald O'Finn at Freddy's" NY Post: "...the first to turn his local watering hole into something trendworthy - that honor could go to Donald O'Finn...of Freddy's." Village Voice: BEST VIDEO ART IN A BAR: 2001-2008: "Donald O'Finn's feverishly edited encyclopedically strange video collages..."


People who don't have there money ready on a busy night. Customers asking for buy backs before they are deserved. Female customers who expect someone to buy there drinks for them.

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