Neighborhood:   Clifton Heights

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M-F: 11:00 AM to 02:00 AM
Sat-Sun: 11:00 AM to 02:00 AM
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OMG!! My girlfriend just told me about this review thing and we love this bar.. And all the comments are great. I cant wait for this place to reopen and pauly and Dante are my 2 favorite bartenders in the area!!! They are great.. This place is always a good time on a Friday or Saturday night after 11pm. They don't overcharge like barnabys and the staff is great. and Dino is always a great host!! Cant wait for the reopening party!!

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I love this bar. Very friendly atmosphere and the staff is very good for a bar like this. It seems like Pauly is loved from the reviews but I think him and Dante are the best and handle very busy nights with very cool and calm attitudes!! Great prices compared to the other high priced bars on the blvd. and from the reviews I think dante gets a bad rap for personality.. I enjoy his banter as I do paulys!! Great place!!
PROS:Bartenders and owner
CONS:Sometimes low on imports

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I'm tired of other bars on the Blvd. Dino's Bar and Grill is the one of the most unique bars in the area. Place had a bad rep for awhile but it's one of the friendliest bars in the area. Every bar in the Ridley/Interboro area especially Barnabys is filled with douche bags and trouble makers. There is more cocaine in Barnabys than all of Central America! Everyone who works there no matter what day we stop in is great and friendly. No doubt about the manager or head bartender is a hottie and really quick and awesome, I guess its the guy PK that everyone is talking about and the Dinos brother Dante is good too not much for conversation though. This place needs to open soon. There was a fire awhile back and still is closed making my nightlife, when I get the chance to go out a living hell. I hope they are opening back up, does anyone know for sure?
PROS:Staff, atmosphere and prices

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Love this place!!!! Everyone is so cool and friendly.Pauly or PK whatever they call him is one of the best bartenders around. I agree with the above comment on the rest of them, they need some personalities. Other than that the place is a dive but heard they just had a sad. I hope the rebuild, can't wait to come back!!!

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I like Dino's, the only downer is sometimes they are low or out of premium beverages!

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Place is awesome and yes a dive but it's perfect and bartenders are even better and fast....well that is if the guy Pauly is working, really awesome bartender, the others are ok but no personalities besides him.
PROS:$$$$ and fun atmosphere.
CONS:not too many, sometimes get a little too crowded for my liking.

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It's a dive bar. Any language is acceptable, and I mean ANY language.
PROS:Kitchen is the best kept secret in the county as long as Nick has the concession there. Eat there now before he pulls out for lack of business.
CONS:Weekend bar help. Poor service

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Bar Information

Smoking: Unknown
Menu: Full Menu
Food Service: Lunch Dinner
Group Seating
Parking Lot
Price Range: Cheap


Dress Code:casual

Beers On Tap:4-6
Sports Bar
Billiards Bar

Big Screen TVs
1 pooltable(s)
Shuffle board
Happy Hour
Drink Specials
Video Games


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