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I goto Dillons on most Thursdays and some Fridays or Saturdays and here is the low down......

Thursdays are NOT dangerous, however it is unsafe. They attract a large amount of people with the genre of music they play, some people good and some people bad...

There are some major problems with this place though,
1st - there are not enough security on Thursdays, they may have 6-7 guys but if shit hits the fan and there is a all-out street fight in there 6-7 guys are not going to be able to handle it.

2nd - they don?t metal detect or search. I don?t think that they need a dress code but they do need to make sure people don?t enter with a potentially leather weapon. Its 2010, people don?t have honor anymore, they would rather pull out a gun or knife then risk getting there ass whooped 1-on-1

3rd - the manager there is to stupid to realize that they need a metal detector and more guys on Thursdays and to busy bitching at the customers and employees or trying to get fucked by some douchebage on the weekends to notice that the fucking place is empty and the bands suck. Here is a thought, ADVERTIZING! maybe if people knew what dillons is and what goes on there they would actually come there and you could afford to get better bands, it takes money to make money. seriously, I got to give props to the people that work there for putting up with her bullshit.

4th - Service, the guys are great (except that tall skinny guy on Thursdays that always looks like he is lost in space, he doesn?t do much of anything unless another employee tells him to), the bartenders are good (I wish they would move that blonde chick from last summer back out to the patio though, the other chick is rude, slow and ignores customers to talk to her friends, I have been served by her barback more than her, she just needs to go) The waitresses I am undecided on, some are good, some suck but that?s what you get when you have a high turnaround rate because the manager is bi-polar.

5th - How is the owner happy with this place? sure Thursdays are good, but Friday and Saturday suck, I have seen more people at pauls pub then dillons almost every weekend for the last 2 years. dillons is huge and used to be the hot spot of cochise county, now its more like a last resort before giving up for the night and going home because you cant get laid anywhere else. PATHETIC! I blame this on that bitch of a manager too. I heard that the owner moved out of town and left control to the manager a couple years ago... hmmm, right about the time this place started going downhill.... I wonder what the problem could be....

Anyways, I could go on for hours but I will let this post sink in before writing another

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