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Used to go there a lot, but since I read the other reviews I agree, it is not worth your time unless u know people there and even then they act like they don't need your money, for the most part it's for rednecks and not good old boy crackers.
CONS:Waste of health and money.

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Some of the folks in the parking lot which was filled with BIG lifted pick-up trucks looked like extras from "Deliverance." I decided to leave it hidden and retraced my steps back to civilization.
PROS:back to civilization

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This place was a blast. Very friendly funny people, having a good time.
PROS:Prices were good. The owners have this place cleaned up and looking good.
Great place to go for a fun evening.

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Went over the labor day weekend, first clue was only a handful of quests. Bartender didn't know how to make many drinks only knew how to serve beer,you must be a smoker to stay, can't see or breath in there, you must be over 55 years old, under 70 lbs. or over 225 lbs. and missing most of your teeth!
PROS:good place for old people
CONS:no place for non smokers or younger people.

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Went there tonight for the first time in a couple of years. Had heard it had been sold. The drinks were way smaller and full of ice. Expensive for what you received. The menu was basically hamburgers, pizza, fries and onion rings. We left after one drink and don't intend on revisiting unless they vastly improve. We went to Wildwood and found what we were looking for.
PROS:Bartender pleasant.
CONS:Expensive drinks. Lousy menu. Loud music. Smokey atmosphere.

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RAW chicken wings, gross, new owners must have money because they a act like they don't need YOURS, was treated like we were invading their personnel family play space. no room for parking magazine party was boring tried to hard with the sweetie thing, was better at turners fish camp which is really sad!
PROS:none any more
CONS:still dirty, bad food and just plain rude

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This place is going down hill fast. They had one good bartender they called milkshake the rest were slow and lazy with no personality. New owner is rude.
PROS:Bloody marys
CONS:Awful bartenders

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Very gross kitchen help never washs hands clean glass's put on bar to dry..ewww.the best thing that could happen is if they use plastic for everything in there.Very bad black mold problem will make you sick in the matter of minutes!!!!! And don't forget to bring a gun with you a knife will not work

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Good ole redneck place, so glad ya kept some of the old staff!
PROS:boob show bartender
CONS:lets go bottom less to

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The breast barteneder all round
she will show you her breast one muscle at a time cheap drinks and a show
PROS:goes topless
CONS:wife dont like it

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