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Whoaa baby!
whats happening there, girl.
Negative reviews, on the internet????
Fire that bitch!
Takes a REAL biker bitch to handle your crowd
Miss your bar service and food!
Your place is the best.
Still in Gainesville here, yet IF I find an excuse to bring my Native American Indian woman there.
Look yourself up
Love you... Peter (the one who drinks a picture of beer right fron the decanture!)
Loved your appertisers!

I will not spare the dollars.
Like last time, drinks will be on the house...(at my expense)remember.
It is just good business.
I am enjoying my 3rd yr of retirement.
Miss you Baby girl and hope DADDY is well.
Peter (BIKER) friend to Rocco!

Your loving friend...Yes I still miss him too!

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She is a loosey goosey. Gave away free drinks to the guys she was messing around with (which was a few). She caused a lot of problems up there when her married boyfriends wives caught wind of it.

Lost business because of it....

She wasnt a good bartender and not a very nice person either...I guess the only real tips she got was when she dated them outside of the bar!!

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This is too funny. I know the bartendar you are refering to. I can't believe that they hired her after she was let go from the bar right up the road without even questioning why!!

I agree with this review. 

You must have been 1 of the 3 or 4 customers there on Monday night......maybe the new bartender is the reason!!

Try rehab(old sandbar) staff and a new crowd!

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Went there for a fresh venue. They have a ne wbartender that is not friendly at all...Monday nights. Dont know her name but I think she used to be at Rehab!!
CONS:The bartender I met seemed to be aggrevated when we asked for a drink.

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