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The cowboy bar was recommended by the manager of the Holiday Express in Buffalo. The sign out front said Bikers Welcome. Since we were on our way to Sturgis we decided to party at the cowboy. We we walked in we were totally ignored. I even went to the bar and waited to give our order. While I was waiting some guys walked in and got their orders ahead of me. The bar maid walked by me and went over and was drinking a beer and talking to some of the customers.

Realizing that we were not welcome. By the way I am a cowboy. I probably have as many mile on my quarter horse as I do on my Harley
we said screw this and left. We told the Manager not to recommend this dive to any of the Holiday Inn Express customers because you won't be treated well. I don't know who the bar maid was but it was the after noon/evening of August 3rd. I would fire her ass. It cost you a lot of money.

Jon Winnett
Nampa, Idaho

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