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Beware of the Tap Room. The bar staff and bouncers are out of control. A friend of ours just had the shit beaten out of him by the bouncer there for no reason. The female bartender told the bouncer that a guy at the bar had said something inappropriate to her and pointed at several groups of guys who were standing by the bar. Without verifying the identity of the person, the stupid bouncer pulled our friend out of the bar and proceeded to beat him unconscious and knock all the teeth out of his head. His medical bills are enormous. Only afterwards did the bouncer find out that he had pulled the wrong guy out of the bar. And, somehow all the video surveillance tapes at the Columbia Tap Room have disappeared... We are encouraging our friend, who is expecting his first child and facing huge medical bills, to sue the Tap Room. Surely, the owners of this establishment should be responsible for the people they hire. We will not go to the Tap Room again. Consider yourself warned.
PROS:Good to okay food. Sometimes good live music. Lots of smoke (though they may have changed their smoking policy recently.)
CONS:Bad staff. Irresponsible owners.

Where are the video tapes?

I agree with this review. 
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