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Charlie?s Place

I was fortunate enough to visit your fine establishment recently. Upon discovering your address on the internet, I am taking the opportunity to tell you how much I enjoyed your exquisite cuisine.

I consider myself to be a bit of cheeseburger affection ado, sampling burgers from all over the U.S., Hawaii, Europe (when I could find them), the Caribbean, and even Cuba.

While visiting friends in Northeast Indiana, my friend and I took a detour on the way up to Steuben County through Hicksville for lunch. When we arrived at Charlie?s Place I was immediately impressed with the atmosphere. To this day I still find it difficult to adequately describe. The d?cor seems to be a combination of a novelty shop and an antique store with the added flavor of a flea market and a garage sale. Regardless, I found it quite comfortable, a great place to spend an afternoon, throwing a few down.

Now for the reason for this letter. We ordered, of course, the World Famous Charlie Cheeseburger and regular fries. I was pleased to find that you carried one of my favorite libations, which is becoming more difficult to find in restaurants. Our food arrived in a short time, fresh and hot. I realize now that I was not ready for that first taste of a Charlie Cheeseburger. It was INCREDIBLE!!! One bite and I knew I would never be the same. And by the time I finished that culinary masterpiece, I realized my life had changed forever. No words can describe a Charlie Cheeseburger. No tribute could give it proper justice. To say Charlie?s Cheeseburgers are merely great is like saying the Grand Canyon is a pretty big ditch! The fries and libations were also something to write home about. However, anything and everything is overshadowed by the magnificent Charlie Burger.

By the way the service was exemplary?prompt, courteous, and friendly. The service at Charlie?s Place is second to none.

I have also found that you are well known not only in the Midwest but also from sea to shining sea. A client from Boston has enjoyed your great food and beverages. Friends in California from Humboldt and Mendocino Counties say they often think of Charlie Burgers when they get the munchies from indulging in produce from their herb gardens. Heck, I even met folks from the Bahamas and Honduras that know about your legendary landmark.

I?ve come to realize that Charlie?s Place isn?t just a world-class establishment where really cool people meet, party, drink and eat. It?s much more than all of that---Charlie?s Place is a way of life!
PROS:Great food, exceptional service, wonderful atmosphere.
CONS:None, zero, zilch, nada.

I agree with this review. 

If you live in Hicksville Ohio and you want to go out drinking, this is pretty much the only place you are going unless you pay dues at the eagles or the VFW. There used to be another bar there a long time ago, but it was shut down so now Charlie?s Bar is the only one still in town. I have been there several times and know it very well.

The atmosphere is anything you would expect to find in your small town bar, quiet, dark and filled with regulars. For the most part the bar is very quiet during the week, but it gets good volume on the weekend for what it is.

It is a very small building, but on the inside it seems a little bigger than it looks. There is a small bar that probably seats about 10-12 and behind the bar separated by a wall is a small standard kitchen. Past the bar to the right is a space with two pool tables, some tables to sit at and a dart board. Looking from the outside though you would not think there would be a huge dance floor and a stage to the back right of the bar.

In the past few years the bar was taken over by new management so there were on going changes being made when I moved. I know they had just built the stage- that was the last new thing I saw. They made the bar look more clean. When I would go there under the old management the bathrooms creeped me out, I would not use them. After these people took over I had no problem using their facility.

The new juke box they had put in before I moved was pretty nifty it had song put on there but it could also go online and play songs from a library for you but it would cost you more to play those songs, worth the money I guess if you really want to hear a specific song while your are out drinking; i guess people do that.The prices were pretty good when I used to visit there for both food and drink, but the food is mediocre for bar food. I know its only bar food, but when you are drunk that bar food tastes really really good. It was not awful but they could have done better. I hope the new management gets better quality food in there.

I had my 25th birthday party there with some friends from work, we had a really fun time. We didn?t have to call and reserve any space because it was like a Tuesday night so we pretty much had the whole place to ourselves. There were even people I didn?t invite that came and I got to see on my birthday, its a small town bar so it?s not that difficult to run into people you know from the town there.

I think this bar is going in a good direction and is doing much better now that there is new management. If you like small town bars, something quiet and nice, Charlie?s is a nice bar to visit. I give it 10 out of 10!

Rating: 10

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