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Drank down there for years and really enjoy the place. The bar simply has its ups and downs. They did away with basically ALL of the good bottled beer. No beers on tap, but cold cans always on hand. Very decent liquor stock, though Jameson and Patron sell out of stock regularly (or used to).
PROS:Quiet and clean. Pub atmosphere which I really like. No fights. No cops. No big long wait for a drink. Regular sports games w/food and occasional cookouts (steak). Summer events and karaoke. Decent pool table, albeit a bit tight for full cues at some angles. Awesome patio!
CONS:Prices went up again and again, both drinks and jukebox. Hours of operation change often and are unpredictable resulting in you going to a different bar. Recently fired all of the good bartenders and the usual crowd disappeared in retaliation. Drinks are not well mixed due to lack of experience. Ownership openly disinterested in the bar, the people, and the employees...just interested in the cash cow.

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