West AllisWI 
Neighborhood:   Johnson's Woods

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M-F: 11:00 AM to 01:50 AM
Sat-Sun: 11:00 AM to 02:20 AM
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I have been to this bar twice now and it is very clean with good prices. Three big TVs behind the bar are great for watching games. The bartender and owner we both very accommodating.

I agree with this review. 

I ended up at this place last night only to experience first hand the same type of antics that the previous reviewer is claiming. As a new bar patron, I was taken back by the business dynamic. Rona, the asian bar owner, was not only very intoxicated but also swearing at customers, projecting blame on worker Alan who was behind the bar trying to calm her down, throwing ice and dice cups among other things at others, etc. On top of that, I was pressured into playing a roll the dice game where, against Rona and five others, I lost. Apparently that meant I owed everyone that was playing a shot of their choice and if I didn't pay (because I didnt want to play in the first place) the cops would be called.

So not only was I witnessing hysteria but basically my $25 for the night was blown in a matter of seconds because some asian lady told me to roll the dice. And then she actually cheated in the game, made up a rule and decided she would roll again this time with a winning hand. She ordered an expensive shot too once I was coerced into agreeing to pay. Once a fellow bar patron called her out on her antics, she threw the dice cup at him and made a huge scene in front of everyone. She is a very very volatile woman and this was exactly the place I didn't want to end up at and will never be returning to this place again. Rona is nuts.
CONS:-poor location (dump)
-poor management
-odd stale beer smell

I agree with this review. 2 other(s) agreed with this review.
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Bar Information

Credit Cards Accepted

Smoking: Smoking Section
Menu: Full Menu
Food Service: Lunch Dinner
Table Seating
Parking Lot
Public Transportation
Free Street Parking
Price Range: Cheap

Take Out
Frozen Drinks

Dress Code:Casual

Beers On Tap:Miller Lite, Miller High Life, Bud Lite, Hacker Weisse, Spotted Cow, Lakefront

Wine List:Chard, Wht.Zin, Merlot, Moscati
Sports Bar
Billiards Bar
Beer Bar
Pool Bar
After Work
Patio Bar

Big Screen TVs
4 tv(s)
1 pooltable(s)
Happy Hour
Drink Specials
Gambling/Video Poker
Video Games
Buffalo Wings
Outdoor Seating

Out Of Towners
Over 40
Local Sports Fans
Special Drinks:Check in for daily specials...

Environment:Enjoy our HomeGrill food and beverages out on the patio!
Happy Hour M-Th 3-6 $1 taps $2 rails
...multiple specials every day: check out our website and keep up with us on Facebook:

A touch of downtown with down-to-earth prices!

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