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Like the dead guy ale on tap... Bartender is a totally demon.... Especially if she really is the owner she doesn't need to be working there. She is a total bitch. The vibe and interesting clientele were entertaing but bartender was horrible
PROS:Good people watching
Pretty cheap drinks
Nice smoking area
CONS:Bartender is horrible. Every time I have been there she has been evil despite my tipping her properly.

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Bad atmosphere. Run down worn out BT's. Lots if local drama harshing my mellow. The place stinks and they need some younger people in the crowd. What a waste of space in Troutdale.
CONS:Rude Tenders
Ugly tender
ugly clientele
parking lot way small
obnoxious owner, some lady with a big mouth about 55-60. Total bitch

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Love the Brass Rail!!!! The burgers are huge!!! The live music is great it is like the Troutdale version of Cheers!!!
PROS:Friendly staff!!! Stiff drinks and a big warm welcome!!!
CONS:Needs a face lift bathrooms are in desperate tender loving care!!!!

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