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Lots of young, poorly dressed , uneducated , unsophisticated , hillbilly dressed , beer drinking , ill mannered men who falsely believe their attention is desired. Most of the couples and mature females who come here are interested in dancing only - not a pick up with someone who probably took all week working just to be able to pay their own tab.What a sad group of immature want to be men. Besides they really need dance lessons.
PROS:Good dancing music, pleasant atmosphere, and not just a place for teeny boppers.
CONS:A few like in previous reviews you can ignore and have a good time !

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Good place to go as a couple. We enjoy not only dancing but watching the others dance. Most of the bands are good, but our favorite is the house band.
PROS:There are a lot of couples that go there. Some go just to listen to the band and are not there to pick up women.
CONS:I think there are more men there than women. They are hunters, not the women and you couldn't pay me to sleep with one of them.

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Lots of women both young and old. If you like to dance then this is the place.
CONS:get there early, though large, not large enough for the crowd that comes. Not the best bands but the best bands in the area.

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I agree it was like walking into a time machine. The guy's there had on polos with the collars popped up and white tennis shoes.
The women were so old and ugly you could get a STD just looking at them. I ran away screaming!!!
CONS:Test of manhood.

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Good place to go if you want a STD. Nasty old women looking for unsuspecting service men to buy their drinks. Bad band and ugly women.
PROS:Lots of women.
CONS:All are 50 + and nasty.

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