Boulder CityNV 
Neighborhood:   Old Vegas

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M-F: 08:00 AM to 02:00 AM
Sat-Sun: 08:00 AM to 02:00 AM
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A real shit-hole. Would never go back.

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Absolutely unbelievable dumpsite. Can't understand why the owner allows such trash and disrespect behind his bar. You better watch your drink because there have been many women who KNOW that someone slipped something into their drink. Believe that lawsuits regarding this have been filed. Bartenders are well versed in Nevada Dram Shop Law and enjoy serving a customer until they either puke all over the place or do something highly exhibitionary. Cannot believe the LOCAL BOYS have not SHUT THIS PLACE DOWN!! Must be getting pay-offs.....they're on top of everything else here(unless you have family history dating back to the 30's and 40's, then they turn a blind eye)Too bad EVERYONE bitches about all this all the time but still support this dive.....guess that's just the mentality around this small town. You all would be better off grabbing a fifth, couple of six packs and sitiing in the desert with the sidewinders and coyotes.....they would treat you better!
PROS:The only pro is that if you want to see WHAT NOT TO DO if you are a bar owner this would be the place to go. Other than that are you kidding? Pros? Geez!!
CONS:There is not enough time or space................ Why don't you ask Tim Smith...he is a regular that speaks highly while he's either bumming or bragging...but outside he's the best drunk to tell you like it really is!

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this bar is a shit hole and need to be was ok 25 years ago when it was Herbs it is a bad scene in town with many crack heads and drug drunk bartenders...VERY BAD NEWS

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The prior reviews are, for the most part, unfortunate and damaging. The Backstop is a neighborhood tavern, a gathering place. I've been a tavern-goer for almost 60 years (20 in the Backstop), and this tavern is the best.

I'm an 1-hour evening patron and the place is always clean, the bartenders polite and they pour a hellofa good drink. The Backstop, Coffee Cup Cafe' and Ace Hardware are the backbone of what's left of Old Town. Sure, there are elements that would like to turn the place into a biker bar, a drug store and Woodstock West; but the tavern has survived.

I've NEVER seen a person forced to go into the tavern. Maybe the owner could get perfumed Wipes for the fatty part of some patron's brains.

Ray Collins

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Not a cool bar at all. BARTENDERS SUCK. They drink behind the bar and you can't get a drink. The place is dirty, too. Yuck! Lots of arguments, fights and really drunk people. Not my kind of place.
CONS:You name it.

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Smoking: Unknown
Menu: None
Price Range: Unknown


Dress Code:casual

Beers On Tap:4-6
Sports Bar

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