Astoria OR 
Neighborhood:   Civic Greenway Area

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M-F: 05:00 PM to 02:30 AM
Sat-Sun: 05:00 PM to 02:30 AM
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The Dancers are not bad looking! The female bartender looks like a tweeker! She ignored me for about 15 minutes while she stared at a ipad? some type of device, then when she noticed me, she didnt put the device down, then came over and asked me what I wanted, I ordered a beer, drank it and left! Did not feel welcomed and creeped out by the bartender!
PROS:There are naked women and they are not bad looking!
CONS:The bartender looks like you could easily buy drugs from her....

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Cute! Nice staff! New owner is really friendly, works behind the bar! and her girls are very polite, beautiful, and they all look different :) No hard Alcohol but a beer goes just as good with boobies as a shot ;) Oh, by the way the schedule is Tuesday-Saturday 5-2:30. No one will be there at me lol
PROS:Very clean and organized!
CONS:It is tiny and everyone knows eachother

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Bar Information

Smoking: No
Menu: None
Price Range: Unknown

Strip Club

Big Screen TVs
1 pooltable(s)
Live Entertainment

Out Of Towners
Environment:Fun, Friendly and Nude Entertainment

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