Southern Tier Heavy Weizen

Brewed by: Southern Tier Brewing Company
ABV: 8.0
Average Price: 7.00
Rating: N/A
Served In: Bottle
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Heavy Weizen explores the inner depths of creativity and craftsmanship, taking a style of ale that is delicate and quaffable and shaping it into something exuberant and sturdy. The foundation of Heavy Weizen begins with prodigious quantities of North American malted barley and wheat. Next, the finest European hops are added to complement this ale’s unique disposition by giving spicy aromas. Its spirit is forged during fermentation where our Bavarian weizen yeast consumes sugars and creates divine flavors reminiscent of bananas and cloves. Then, by aging this ale, we allow the divergent characteristics to blend together, becoming one. To capture Heavy Weizen’s spirit, this wheat ale remains unfiltered to leave some of the yeast in the bottle. Serving this ale with a wedge of lemon is recommended, but optional. 18 plato, 38 IBUs, 2-row pale malt, malted white wheat, hallertau magnum, saaz.
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