Sam Adams Light

Brewed by: Boston Beer Company
ABV: 4.0
Average Price: 3.00
Rating: N/A
Served In: Bottle, Can, 6 Pack Bottles, 12 Pack Bottles
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It took 2 years of brewing, tasting and testing to come up with the final recipe for Sam Adams Light. We focused on brewing a flavorful, high quality beer with a light-bodied taste and fewer calories. Sam Adams Light is a unique beer, it’s not a lighter version of our Boston Lager. Sam Adams Light is the only light beer that uses no adjuncts and a traditional brewing process to ensure a balance of flavor and light-bodied taste. No other domestic light beer uses only the four classic ingredients of beer: pure water, lager yeast, Noble hops and barley malt. The quality ingredients that make up Sam Adams Light include two-row malt and some of the most expensive hops in the world, Spalt Spalter Noble hops. At 128 calories, Sam Adams Light features a clean finish and no aftertaste.
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