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Rogue is a small revolution, which expresses itself through handcrafted Ales, Porters, Stouts, Lagers and Spirits, and this is the way we conduct our business. The spirit of the Rogue brand, even the name, suggests doing things differently, a desire and a willingness to change the status quo. A Rogue Ale, Porter, Stout, Lager or Spirit is crafted to give it unique character, innovative in its makeup and brewing, a process that has not compromised quality. We believe if a Rogue Ale, Porter, Stout, Lager or Spirit cannot be all of these things, it should not be made at all. We do what we do to become a meaningful industry leader through the products we create and by building an organization that is successful without being big, bureaucratic, or common. To be a leader doesn’t mean you have to be the biggest. The best leaders lead by example and by doing things the right way, even if it means going against the grain. Rogue will stand up to the big guy trying to bully his way into whatever business or territory he wants. Rogue will be David, only this David doesn’t really care if the stone hits the giant or not. Just the idea of throwing the stone is exciting. We make products for the connoisseur, the entrepreneur, and the revolutionist.
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Their Beers
NameABVAvg. PriceRatingServed
Rogue 10,000 Brew10.0$21.99 N/A Bottle
Rogue American Amber5.6$4.00 N/A Bottle, 6 Pack Bottles
Rogue Brutal Bitter7.0$5.00 N/A Bottle
Rogue Chatoe Dirtoir Black Lager0.0$7.19 N/A Bottle
Rogue Chipotle Ale5.5$2.99 N/A Bottle
Rogue Chocolate Stout6.3$5.00 N/A Bottle, Draft
Rogue Dad's Little Helper7.2$5.99 N/A Bottle
Rogue Dead Guy6.6$3.50 N/A Bottle, Draft, 6 Pack Bottles
Rogue Double Dead Guy9.5$4.50 N/A Bottle, Draft
Rogue Gaijin Pale Ale5.0$5.99 N/A Bottle
Rogue Half E Weizen4.8$5.99 N/A Bottle
Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar6.2$5.99 N/A Bottle, Draft
Rogue I2PA9.2$5.00 N/A Bottle
Rogue Imperial Porter0.0$16.99 N/A Bottle
Rogue Imperial Russian Stout11.6$8.00 N/A Bottle
Rogue Imperial Russian Stout 200311.0$20.00 N/A Bottle
Rogue Juniper5.3$5.00 N/A Bottle
Rogue Kells5.2$5.99 N/A Bottle
Rogue Mocha Porter5.1$4.00 N/A Bottle, 6 Pack Bottles, Draft
Rogue Mogul7.0$6.00 N/A Draft
Rogue Mogul Madness 20086.3$7.00 N/A Draft
Rogue Monk Madness9.0$5.99 N/A Bottle
Rogue Morimoto Imperial Pilsner8.8$14.00 N/A Bottle
Rogue Morimoto Soba Ale4.8$5.99 N/A Bottle
Rogue Old Crustacean11.5$8.00 N/A Bottle
Rogue Old Crustacean 199810.5$15.00 N/A Bottle
Rogue Old Crustacean 199910.5$14.00 N/A Bottle
Rogue Old Crustacean 200010.5$14.00 N/A Bottle
Rogue Old Crustacean 200311.3$20.00 N/A Bottle
Rogue Oregon Golden5.0$7.50 N/A Bottle
Rogue Phreds Black Soba Ale5.0$15.00 N/A Bottle
Rogue Saint Rogue Red5.2$5.50 N/A Bottle
Rogue Santa's Private Reserve6.0$4.50 N/A Bottle
Rogue Sea Otter0.0$5.99 N/A Bottle
Rogue Seahorse Pale Ale5.7$5.99 N/A Bottle
Rogue Shakespeare Stout6.0$5.50 N/A Bottle, Draft
Rogue Shark's Tooth5.0$10.00 N/A Bottle
Rogue Smoke Ale6.0$12.00 N/A Bottle
Rogue Somer Orange Honey Ale5.0$6.50 N/A Draft
Rogue St. Rogue Red5.2$4.00 N/A Draft, Bottle, 6 Pack Bottles
Rogue Youngers Special Bitter4.8$5.99 N/A Bottle
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