Pretty Things Baby Tree

Brewed by: Pretty Things Beer And Ale Project
ABV: 8.6
Average Price: 8.49
Rating: N/A
Served In: Bottle
Added by: drink_finder
Baby tree is a "quadruple" brewed with a single strain of Belgian yeast. While a commonly used style name on the internet, "quadruple" isn't in fact a style name at all but a brand of beer produced by La Trappe in the Netherlands. Its found a common usage as a cover-all for the darkest and strongest beers produced by Trappist monks, mainly because they haven't named them themselves. Two Belgian brewers use the term "Abt", Flemish for "Abbot". Historically the best beer made in an abbey (by the Cistercians/Trappists at least) was referred to in Latin simply as "prima melior". This has also become a brand name in recent years.Our "quadruple" benefits from the addition of 40lbs of dried California plums in the kettle – hopefully contributing to the overall dark-fruit character of the beer. It's a dark, 8.6% beer…"Baby Tree" is Pretty Things' first seasonal beer.
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