Pennichuck Pompier Barleywine (oak aged)

Brewed by: Pennichuck Brewing Company
ABV: 12.1
Average Price: 5.00
Rating: N/A
Served In: Bottle, Growler
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Our fourth in the Firehouse Ales Series, Pompier means "fireman" in French and represents our continued commitment to celebrate and honor the men and women who respond to the call day after day. Pompier is rich and smooth with complexities that come from a huge grain bill comprised of premium imported specialty malts, French Strissel Spalt aroma hops and a 3 month aging process in oak hogsheads where it is combined with toasted French oak wood chips and champagne yeast. Pompier is intended to be a vintage quality English-Style Barleywine with a French twist. Appreciate its fine character and 12.1%ABV when we release this single 10 barrel batch sometime in December or you may choose to cellar it for many years to come.
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