Oskar Blues Dale's Pale Ale

Brewed by: Oskar Blues Grill & Brew
ABV: 6.5
Average Price: 2.19
Rating: N/A
Served In: Draft, Can, 6 Pack Cans, 6 Pack Bottles
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Brewed with hefty amounts of European malts and four kinds of American hops, it delivers a blast of hop aromas, a rich middle of malt and hops, and a thrilling finish. It weighs in at 6.5 % alcohol by volume. Why squeeze such a big brew into a little can? Because we think fun in the great outdoors calls for great beer. Our cans go where bottled beers can’t, where flavorless canned beers don’t belong. And no matter where you drink Dale’s Pale Ale, our can protect it from light and oxidation far better than bottles do.
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