Montegioco Tibir

Brewed by: Birrificio Montegioco
ABV: 7.5
Average Price: 26.99
Rating: N/A
Served In: Bottle
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White grapes lager, 7.5┬░ alc/vol, golden with thin and compact foam. It is a highly carbonated sparkling beer produced through the processing of the one and only local wine grape: Timorasso. Floral and fruity aroma which recalls pear and rose. Great freshness due to its sparkling consistency and sourness.Tibir belongs to a new class which has been growing up during the last few years and it has not a really definite name. In fact even if it is a fruit beer, an already existing category, its liaison with wine represents its distinguishing mark. Tibir for instance is produced using Timorasso, local white grapes, and wine yeast but some other techniques include a barrique-maturation-method.
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