Montegioco Draco

Brewed by: Birrificio Montegioco
ABV: 11.0
Average Price: 17.99
Rating: N/A
Served In: Bottle
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Draco has a dark red color and a persistent head. It is full bodied and has a moderate level of carbonation. The nose shows a great complexity with aromas of honey, caramel and forest fruits. The hops brings out pepper and plum. The initial taste confirms the nose with notes of caramel and initial sweetness. The finish is a fine balance of hops and bitter notes. Draco is produced using a mix of select malts. The beer is fermented three times. During the second fermentation the blueberries are added along with the yeast and malt sugar. The alcoholic content obtained from the fermentation of the malt is of 8.5% by volume, while the final one is 11% by volume.
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