Mikkeller Santas Little Helper 2008

Brewed by: Mikkeller
ABV: 11.0
Average Price: 14.99
Rating: 3.00
Served In: Bottle
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Santa's Little Helper is a dark, strong Belgian ale, lightly spiced with sweet orange peel, coriander seeds, cinnamon and cocoa. This year's version is recognized by less sweetness than the 2007 version, a fresh hop bite, balanced by the sweetness from the coriander and orange peel and a big bold body. Enjoy now or keep it in the cellar for many years to come.
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I had this beer as part of a christmas in the summer beer flight at the twisted vine in fullerton,ca

it was pretty good.

to me it tasty like chocolate and cocounut
8/14/2010 4:23:35 PM
I agree with this comment. 
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