Mahr's Jubelfest

Brewed by: Mahrs Brau
ABV: 4.9
Average Price: 8.50
Rating: N/A
Served In: Draft
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The only true craft beers imported from Germany come from the tiny Mahr's brewery in Bamberg. This Jubelfest is like no other Oktoberfest beer you will find ?? very deep and dark, with an unusually roasty, earthy, and complex character. The traditional German festbier was a strong amber lager (a style of beer thought to have originated in Vienna, Austria), but these days in Munich the festbier is just a stronger version of the standard pale lager. Mahr's Jubelfest does not fit either the traditional or the modern mold, but it perfectly represents the true spirit of the season ?? a warm, rich celebration of the harvest, the beer equivalent of a big, overstuffed chair to settle down in.
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