Magic Hat Wacko

Brewed by: Magic Hat Brewing Company
ABV: 0.0
Average Price: 4.50
Rating: N/A
Served In: Bottle, Draft
Added by: drink_finder
Born of natural beet sweetness and fermented among the cackling laughs of our master brewers, our all-new summer seasonal, Wacko, has arrived to the taps of the Magic Hat Artifactory! It'll be flowing for as long as we have it, so stop in get a taste of your soon-to-be summer memories. Wacko will no doubt keep you sane during the heated months with it's semi-sweet thirst-quenching crisp coolness, and this is your chance to get a sneak peak. Come April, this beet-red bad-ass beer will be widely available in our new Summer Scene Variety 12-Pak (as well as it's own sixers and twelvers), ready to escort you through every sun-strewn afternoon and each dew-inducing summer evening.
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