Heineken International

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Their Beers
NameABVAvg. PriceRatingServed
Affligem Blonde7.0$4.85 N/A Bottle, 6 Pack Bottles, Draft
Affligem Dubbel7.0$7.99 N/A Bottle
Affligem Noel Ale 9.0$6.00 N/A Bottle, Draft
Affligem Noel Ale 20039.0$14.00 N/A Bottle
Affligem Triple8.5$7.99 N/A Bottle
Almaza Pilsener4.0$5.00 N/A Bottle
Amstel Light3.5$3.00 N/A Bottle, Draft, Can
Beamish Irish Stout4.1$4.50 N/A Can, Draft, Bottle
Buckler N/A0.0$3.04 N/A Bottle
Export "33"4.8$3.00 N/A Bottle
Fischer Amber6.0$5.00 N/A Bottle
Fischer Bitter4.9$7.00 N/A Bottle
Grimbergen Blonde6.7$4.50 N/A Bottle, 6 Pack Bottles
Grimbergen Brown10.0$5.50 N/A Bottle, Draft
Grimbergen Double6.5$5.00 N/A Bottle, Draft
Heineken5.0$2.50 N/A Bottle, Draft, Can, 6 Pack Bottles, 6 Pack Cans
Heineken Dark5.2$3.50 N/A Bottle, 6 Pack Bottles
Heineken Light3.2$3.50 N/A Bottle, Can, 6 Pack Bottles
Heineken Tarwebok 19976.5$10.00 N/A Bottle
Hevelius Kaper8.7$1.69 N/A Bottle
John Courage Amber4.7$5.50 N/A Bottle, Draft
KruŔovice Imperial 125.0$6.00 N/A Bottle
Krusovice Dark3.8$5.50 N/A Bottle, Draft
Lezajsk5.7$1.49 N/A Bottle
Lezajsk Pelne5.5$4.50 N/A Bottle
McEwans IPA4.7$5.50 N/A Bottle, Draft
McEwans Scotch Ale8.0$3.50 N/A Bottle
Murphy's Irish Red5.0$4.00 N/A Bottle, Can
Murphy's Irish Stout4.3$2.29 N/A Draft, Can, 4 Pack Cans, Bottle
Newcastle4.7$3.00 N/A Draft, Bottle, 6 Pack Bottles, Can
Sagres5.1$5.00 N/A Bottle
Sagres Dark5.1$7.00 N/A Bottle
Warka Beer5.7$1.79 N/A Bottle
Warka Strong7.0$7.00 N/A Bottle
Zywiec5.5$1.59 N/A Bottle
Zywiec Pilsner5.5$4.50 N/A Bottle, Can
Zywiec Porter9.5$1.79 N/A Bottle
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Places That Serve Beers From Heineken International
Cherch Lounge Fullerton, CA
Cherch Lounge Fullerton, CA
Dogz Bar and Grill Long Beach, CA
Dogz Bar and Grill Long Beach, CA
Dogz Bar and Grill Long Beach, CA
Moriarty's Irish Pub & Restaurant Philadelphia, PA
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