Etienne Dupont Apple

Brewed by: Domaine Familial Louis Dupont
ABV: 7.2
Average Price: 11.00
Rating: N/A
Served In: Bottle
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Variety of apples: 80% of bitter-sweet apples (Mettais, Binet Rouge and Frequin) and 20% of acid apples (Judaines and Petit Jaune) Pressing density: 1065 Fermentation takes place in Inox tank. Wild yeasts are used and fermentation is controlled mainly by settlement extraction. After the traditional fermentation in a barrel, it is the bottle itself that, thanks to a secondary fermentation, the ‚??prise de mousse‚?Ě takes place. This natural phenomenon requires careful and patient attention to each bottle. During the aging period ‚??sur lattes‚?Ě, the bottles are rotated daily, manually, gradually from the horizontal to the vertical position, in order that the sediment will accumulate in the neck of the bottle, to await removal. At the time of ‚??degorgement‚?Ě, the neck of the bottle is frozen and, enclosed in ice, the sediment is then removed.
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