Dudley's Damnation

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Drink Type
  • Mixed
  • Cup
Alcohol/Ingredients Contained
  • Vodka
Drink Strength: 2
Rating: N/A
*12 bottles Zima
*6 L Sprite
*2 cans Limeade
*1/2 gal Vodka
Take a Good size cooler, any with a drain plug will do, and pour in a 12 pack of Zima. Then pour in your 6 liters of sprite along with the 2 cans of limeade. Then pour the 1/2 gallon of vodka in with the rest of it. Stir until the limeade has dissolved totaly, and there you go. Makes roughly 5 gallons.

If you get this one right you are in for a good time. it is very hard to get any taste of alcohol form this drink even though it will knock you on your ass in a heart beat. It tastes like a lemony lime type drink. This bevarge was the result of week long drunken escape at the beach with all of my friends. We found that everyone we brought to our place to party loved this drink, guys and girls equally. I promise this is a great party drink and everyone will love it. You can either dip it out of the cooler or drink it right from the drain plug. The latter of the two will more than likely get you a nice bill form local hospital though.
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