Crop Circle Amber Ale

Brewed by: Crop Circle Beer
ABV: 6.9
Average Price: 5.00
Rating: N/A
Served In: Bottle, Draft
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Crop Circle Beer is a rich, malty, eventful but surprisingly approachable amber ale with a truly multidimensional taste profile, brewed with barley malt harvested from four of England’s most renowned and reliable "crop circle" fields.These are fields upon which large artistic, geometric formations (caused by stalks selectively bent at the base so as to hug the ground) magically and spontaneously appear out of nowhere in certain parts of the world. By whom (or what), and for what purpose? Heck if we know, but the potential possible answers to these questions make the head spin (sort of like the beer) and have something to do with the origin and purpose of human life itself, in this and other dimensions and galaxies. Of that we’re sure.
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