Carlsberg Group

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Their Beers
NameABVAvg. PriceRatingServed
Baltika Classic4.8$4.50 N/A Bottle
Baltika Export5.4$4.50 N/A Bottle
Baltika Strong8.0$4.50 N/A Bottle
Carlsberg5.0$3.50 N/A Bottle, Draft, 6 Pack Bottles
Carlsberg Elephant7.2$3.50 N/A Bottle, 6 Pack Bottles
Halida5.0$4.25 N/A Bottle
Harnas6.0$1.49 N/A Can, Bottle
Jacobsen Dark5.8$20.00 N/A Bottle
Karmi Poema0.5$6.00 N/A Bottle
Okocim O.K. Beer6.2$4.00 N/A Bottle, Draft
Okocim Palone5.5$3.50 N/A Bottle
Okocim Porter8.3$2.29 N/A Bottle
Pripps Carnegie Porter5.6$7.00 N/A Bottle
Pripps Carnegie Porter 20045.5$10.00 N/A Bottle
Pripps Carnegie Porter 20065.5$18.00 N/A Bottle
Slavutych Ekstra5.5$6.00 N/A Bottle
Tetleys English Ale5.0$2.99 N/A Bottle, Can, Draft
Utenos Porter6.8$1.79 N/A Bottle
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