Captain Lawrence St. Vincent's Dubbel

Brewed by: Captain Lawrence Brewing Company
ABV: 8.0
Average Price: 9.99
Rating: N/A
Served In: Bottle, Growler
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This is a big, malty and rich Belgian-style abbey ale. We combined both US- and Belgian-malted barley and a specially selected yeast strain to produce a truly unique beer. This beer was brewed as a thank-you to my father Vince who has helped to make this brewery a reality. It will be brewed once a year and released on Father's Day. This is a great beer for aging, so lay some down and try it in a year or two! Sensory Profile: Ripe fruit, figs and chewy malt are a few of the flavors you will encounter in this beer. There is an underlying roastiness and caramel sweetness that comes through toward the end. Hops play a background role to the malt character of this brew. Food Pairing: This beer can stand on its own as an after-dinner drink. A rich brew to sip and enjoy, it also goes great with desert or roasted meats. Use this beer as you would a full-bodied cabernet or an aged port.
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