Captain Lawrence Smoked from the Oak Bourbon Barrel

Brewed by: Captain Lawrence Brewing Company
ABV: 6.4
Average Price: 15.00
Rating: N/A
Served In: Bottle
Added by: drink_finder
I am big fan of bourbon. It is one of the only true American distillated, and has a long rich history to go with it. Many people don't know that by law, for a whiskey to be called bourbon, it must be aged in brand new, charred American oak barrels. So once that bourbon is dumped from the barrel for bottling that barrel can no longer be used to make bourbon and is of no more use to the distiller. That's were we come in. We acquired freshly emptied bourbon barrels to age our Smoked Porter in, and it was worth the extra effort. We present to you the perfect marriage of beer, bourbon and oak for you to enjoy.
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