Captain Lawrence Liquid Gold

Brewed by: Captain Lawrence Brewing Company
ABV: 6.0
Average Price: 3.49
Rating: N/A
Served In: Draft, Growler, Bottle
Added by: drink_finder
Don’t let the golden color fool you – this isn’t your father’s lite beer! Brewed with imported German malts and US-grown hops, this beer is a full-flavored introduction to craft-brewed beer. We add the hops late in the boil, allowing you to enjoy the flavor and aroma of the hops without an aggressive bitterness. Sensory Profile: Aromas of orange, spice, and green grass. Clean malt-dominated flavor, with a subdued bitterness playing in the background of the aromas of this beer. Food Pairing: A great match with fish and chicken, both sautéed and grilled, especially with citrus and herbs preparations. Shellfish steamed in Liquid Gold is a match made in beer heaven.
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