Brian Sinnott Family Punch - Leaded

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Drink Type
  • Mixed
  • Frozen
  • Cup
Alcohol/Ingredients Contained
  • Rum
  • Vodka
Drink Strength: 8
Rating: N/A
*1 package Cherry Kool-Aid
*1 package Strawberry Kool-Aid
*6 oz frozen Orange juice
*6 oz frozen Lemonade
*2 qt Water
*2 cups Sugar
*2 qt Ice
*1 1/2 cup Vodka
*1 1/2 cup White rum
*2 L Ginger ale
*1 bottle Champagne
Mix Kool-Aid, juice, lemonaid, sugar, and water. Add booze and ice cubes and let cool. Add champange and ginger ale before serving. Adjust punch to party mood with more vodka.

I was first introduced to this drink in its "unleaded" form while attending some 1997 holiday festivities. Brian Sinnott is an ex-fiance of Kristine Hunter, middle sister of Beth Hunter, who is my ex-wife. Anyway, his family created this tremendously wonderful "kool-aid" punch, and used it for all of their family occasions. Through careful scientific experimentation, I have created a wonderful and magnificent champagne-kool-aid punch to use for parties, New Year, Christmas, birthday celebrations, etc. Printed above are instructions for the "leaded" version of the drink. Be careful, it can pack quite a blow, especially if you add more vodka, as suggested. This is a sweet drink, so cheep Andre "pink" champagne or any other sparkling wine will do. I would recommend using a good brand of vodka, then potency adjustments are less noticeable. This is a wonderful tasting champagne punch, despite its Kool-Aid roots. One batch is probably good for a party of 5-10 people. Make two batches for medium parties of 10-20 people. (This also maximizes the fact that frozen juice usually comes in 12oz sizes anyway.)
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