Bear Republic Brewing Company

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Bear Republic Brewing Company (Bear Republic) was founded by third and fourth generation Sonoma County residents. From the humble beginning of home brewing to the demanding process of commercial brewing, came the realization that to produce the distinctive flavors and aroma we found appealing required the founding of our own Brew Pub. Through this process owners Richard R Norgrove, and wife Sandy, Richard G Norgrove, (Brew Master) and wife Tami, developed the style and mark of Bear Republic’s award winning, hand-crafted lagers and ales. Located in historic Healdsburg, California, where hop kilns from another era are still visible, our products are brewed and aged using the traditional "art" of the masters. Bear Republic’s family business is unique, from the mother who greets you at the door, to the son who brews the ales, the father who pulls tap and the daughter-in-law who keeps the books. The Norgroves invite you inside for healthy food and drink for the enjoyment of the whole family. Our goal is to create and cultivate a Brew Pub and Restaurant that the locals can call their own and that makes visitors feel at home. We work hard at fostering a sense of loyalty and tradition from eras gone by.
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Their Beers
NameABVAvg. PriceRatingServed
Bear Republic Black Bear Stout8.1$4.99 N/A Bottle
Bear Republic Crazy Ivan0.0$6.00 N/A Draft
Bear Republic El Oso4.5$6.00 N/A Draft
Bear Republic English ESB4.8$14.95 N/A Growler
Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye8.0$4.00 N/A Draft, Bottle, Growler
Bear Republic IPA6.9$13.00 N/A Bottle
Bear Republic Kickstand Prohibition Lager6.5$7.00 N/A Draft
Bear Republic Racer 57.0$4.005.00Draft, Bottle, 6 Pack Bottles
Bear Republic Racer X7.8$5.00 N/A Draft
Bear Republic Red Rocket6.8$4.00 N/A Bottle, 6 Pack Bottles
Bear Republic XP5.4$4.993.00Bottle
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Places That Serve Beers From Bear Republic Brewing Company
Dogz Bar and Grill Long Beach, CA
The Pour House Westmont, NJ
The Pour House Westmont, NJ
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