Avery IPA

Brewed by: Avery Brewing Company
ABV: 6.0
Average Price: 4.00
Rating: N/A
Served In: Bottle, 6 Pack Bottles, Draft, Growler
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In the 1700’s one crafty brewer discovered that a healthy dose of hops and an increased alcohol content perserved his ales during the long voyage to India (as depicted in our label) to quench the thirst of British troops. Today, we tip our hat to that historic innovation by brewing Colorado’s hoppiest pale ale. Avery IPA demands to be poured into your favorite glass to truly appreciate the citrusy, floral bouquet and the rich, malty finish. Brewed by hopheads for hopheads!
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Places That Serve Avery IPA
Old Eagle Tavern Philadelphia, PA
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