Arcadia Brewing Company

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Arcadia Brewing Company was established in 1996 as a microbrewery specializing in handcrafted British-style ales. All of our beers are produced in small batches, and our 25 Barrel Peter Austin Brewery and methods originated in England, which allows this style of beer to reflect over 250 years of world class brewing heritage.In addition to brewing on authentic British equipment, Arcadia uses only the finest malted barley from England, and when combined with the freshest hops from the Pacific Northwest of our United States, and our legendary Ringwood yeast, the result is some of the best and freshest handcrafted ales available, on any continent.
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Their Beers
NameABVAvg. PriceRatingServed
Arcadia Big Dicks Olde Ale8.0$12.00 N/A Bottle
Arcadia Cereal Killer Barleywine9.0$4.99 N/A Bottle, Draft, Growler
Arcadia Cocoa Loco7.0$4.75 N/A Bottle, Draft
Arcadia Hop Mouth IPA8.1$5.00 N/A Bottle, Draft, 4 Pack Bottles, Cask
Arcadia Hop Rocket Ale9.0$5.00 N/A 4 Pack Bottles, Draft
Arcadia Imperial Stout8.4$6.50 N/A 4 Pack Bottles, Bottle
Arcadia IPA5.9$4.50 N/A Bottle, Growler
Arcadia London Porter7.2$5.00 N/A Bottle, Draft
Arcadia Scottish Ale7.5$4.50 N/A Bottle
Arcadia Shipwreck Porter7.8$4.99 N/A Bottle
Arcadia Starboard Stout5.6$5.00 N/A Bottle, Draft
Arcadia Witsun6.2$4.75 N/A Draft
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