Allagash White

Brewed by: Allagash Brewing Company
ABV: 5.5
Average Price: 4.00
Rating: 5.00
Served In: Bottle, Draft, Growler, 4 Pack Bottles
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Our interpretation of a traditional Belgian wheat beer, Allagash White delicately balances full flavor with a crisp refreshing taste and subtle hints of spice. Naturally cloudy, bottled with yeast.
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Places That Serve Allagash White
The Pour House Westmont, NJ

My favorite beer, especially during the Spring and Summer months on the East coast. Allagash White comes bottled or on draft and I think both are great (tap always wins though). The beer pours a light, orangy hue with a nice white head. You can smell the corrainder and spices immediately when you bring it close to your nose. They usually sell for about $47-$49 a case of bottles at a local beer store or about $6 on tap in most bars in the Philadelphia area. It is hard to believe the beer is 5/5% because you can't taste the alcohol and they go down very smooth. I recommend this beer to any beer lover: Great job Allagash!
5/19/2010 5:57:29 PM
I agree with this comment. 
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