Allagash Black

Brewed by: Allagash Brewing Company
ABV: 7.5
Average Price: 8.00
Rating: 4.00
Served In: Bottle, 12 Pack Bottles
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Allagash Black, our new Belgian style stout, is brewed with German 2 row barley, Torrified wheat and oats, balanced by a large addition of Belgian dark candi to give the Black a full and silky mouthfeel. Roasted malts give this stout its classic chocolate, toast and malty taste, and contribute to chocolate notes and a hint of roasted coffee in the aroma. The Black is fermented with a Belgian yeast strain and refermented in the bottle with the methode champenoise to make this beer truly unique. Availability: 750 ml bottles, 5.17 gal kegs ABV: 7.5% Original Gravity: 1.072 Recommended Serving Temperature: 55°F Recommended Cellaring Temperature: 55°F
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i picked one of these up tonight while at the grocery store. i got the 750ml bottle.

i really enjoy most of allagash's beers so it is no surprise that i also enjoyed this one.

it is a nice dark brown. you can't see through it. the foam is a nut brown color.

the taste was pleasant. has some hints of coffee and chocolate with that mild bitterness you look for in a belgian stout. the mouth feel is clean and crisp.

if you see this, definitely give it a try. at 7.5% and a 750ml bottle size, you can't go wrong.
7/17/2011 2:23:56 AM
I agree with this comment.
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