December 2010 Newsletter

imageDecember is a great month to party with family and friends, and wants to make choosing a local nightlife establishment this holiday season as easy as 1-2-3. Hundreds of bars are promoting Christmas & New Years Parties, drink and food specials, and live entertainment. Picking a bar, club, lounge, or pub can be a daunting task. Over the past few months, we at have worked diligently to improve your browsing experience on the site and ultimately made finding the kind of drinking establishment you are looking for easier than ever.

New Year's Eve: Going Out to a Bar/Club/Lounge or Hitting a House Party?
Every year around this time, your inbox starts getting bombarded with invites to New Year's Eve parties from friends and family, and all your favorite bars, clubs and lounges. The question you always ask yourself is, "Do I go to a bar, club or lounge or to a house party this New Year's Eve?" The answer to this difficult question is often a matter of personal preference, but we hope to lay out a few of the pros and cons of each option to help you make your decision without losing sleep this Holiday season.

Go out to Bar, Club, or Lounge:

PROS - Drink specials: often open bar, live entertainment or DJ, celebrate with big crowd, unlimited amount of beer, wine, and liquor to choose from, cool venue, say "I spent my New Year's 2010 at [FILL-IN-THE-BLANK]".
CONS - Costs: often more expensive to go out then stay in; Transportation: need a designated driver or a taxi; Crowds: large crowds that are not part of your crew; "Amateur Night": If you are a seasoned partier, spending your night with a bunch of young partiers may not be your cup of tea.

Stay in for House Party:

PROS - Spend time with family and friends at a place you are familiar with, lower costs (only have to buy alcohol), no uncontrollable noise from crowds you do not know, no waiting in line, transportation is often easier to/from a house in your neighborhood then a bar in town (or the city).
CONS - Miss the live bands or great DJ's that are featured at local bars or clubs, since you likely know most of the guests your chances of meeting and partying with new friends is lower, same people-new party.


Deciding to go out, stay in, or hit a party is all about you and how you want to spend your end of 2010 and beginning of 2011. We clearly have no idea what you should do this New Year's Eve, but we do hope that we helped you with your party decision this December.

If you decide to check out the nightlife scene in your city of town, make sure to search's immense collection of bars, clubs, and lounges to see NYE specials and narrow down your search.

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by Trebor Roylat

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