Bar Owner Plans


- Manage Bar Page with Logo, Photos, Bar Details, Specials, Events, Links to Other Pages, etc.
- Increase Online Visibility Without Spending Money
- 24/7 Desktop and Mobile Access
- Email Support


- Preferential Search Result Placement
- View Bar Page Statistics
- Post "Message To Patrons"/Post Menu PDF
- Increased Bar Page Visibility on

$30 Month

- Maximize Online Exposure to New Customers Without Doing All The Day to Day Work!
- Bar Page Management by with Updated Events, Specials, Photos, etc.
- Claim and Update All Relevant Social Network and Search Engine Landing Pages Online
- Fully Customized Advertising Campaigns Using Google, Bing, and/or Facebook

$100 Month

- Live BarCam Stream From Your Bar To Bar Page
- We Send Pre-Configured Wireless Network Cam To Your Bar
- Find a Position For Cam, Plug It In, Select Hours, Begin Streaming!
- Engage Potential Customers With Cutting-Edge, Real-Time Technology
- Subscription Can Be Cancelled At Any Time.

$50 Month

Become Best Of is proud to announce our "Best Of" list!! When viewing the details of a bar, viewers can submit a Vote for that establishment. Votes will be tallied at the end of the year and a "Best Of" list will be published. The running counts can be seen on various pages throughout the site.

If you own or operate a bar, you have the power to generate more votes for your own place if you have a website. Simply add the code snippet below somewhere on your site. This will allow your patrons to vote for your bar directly from your own website. This will help you become a "Best Of"!

Happy BarFinding. If you have any trouble with getting the code to work on your site contact us for help.