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Music Style:
    Band: Yes
    Price Range: Unknown
    Environment: In this day and age, everything is about how big your ego is, and how much you stand for your pride; therefore making it hard to even find a very few people you truly get a long with. Now try putting a whole band together, where everyone wants to be the "Big Man". Due to this bands come, and bands go faster than the seasons of the year, and the minutes of the day. However, sometimes from the ashes and remains, new bands are born; better and stronger than before. This theory holds true in the birth of When Legends Die. New additions Shaun Lichtenstein and Tim Molloy (ex- Lost in a World of Ghosts) have ironically teamed up with the remains of their friends in Blessed Endeavor (Robb Harkins, Will Ellis, and Dan Leer). Dave Cabradilla, who has been temping vocals in old singer Josh Miligori's abscense, has now become the official singer of When Legends Die. The band is now equipped with the beautiful brutality of three guitars (which are challenged by Cabradilla's gutwrenching lows) and new diverse heavy-hitting drums. They are determined to break free of any stereotypical Christian Hardcore genres they may have found home in before. The new material promises to be more innovative, original, with in your face heavyness; mixed with soft melodics that add a touch of beauty to the chaos.
    Additional Comments: Metalcore, Hardcore, Experimental/Post Rock
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